Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Autumn holiday

"Arrrghhh I said in a minute"!! That was me tonight. Poo bum grumpy mum. Time for some centre. So I looked through this season's photos... and shall now subject you to far too many. Sorry, but you were warned.

I've got to say. I'm loving the school holidays. Once upon a time I was so very eager for school to start, and I love that he loves it but gosh.... home is nice. 8.30am wakeups? Check. No school lunches? Check. Lost the iron? Check. Bedtime whenever? Check.

School has brought so many changes to our family. Ash has found his feet in Kindergarten and the gap at home has been well and truly filled by Emelia. She has absolutely blossomed the last two months, definitely more "nearly three" than "two".

The speach therapist I was considering? That worry has been left for dead by a chatterer that learns another 50 days I swear. It seems one big brother was speaking for her waay more than I had observed. (Speaking of 'swear' Emelia pipes up with "shut up bird" at the Kookoburra the other day. Thing is "shut up" is so cute when squawked in an angel voice! Its ok I didn't let her see me laugh and explained of it's inappropriateness I promise:)

She has found a new joy in her toys as she creates games, sets up scenarios and "matches" things. (Love that she organises...... LOVE it)

*side note: I swear Barbies were way less creepy looking when I was a kid??

She is completely girly, completely wild, completely adorable and as fun as she looks. I like that kid.

And Ash? Well this: photo of him gives me shivers cause I can totally see the 15 year old version.

He loves school, his teacher knows EVERYTHING (fancy that?) And his main goal of learning to read is well and truly underway. Resulting in post dinner and bath scenes like this...

Turns me to mush. School holidays have also meant a whole lot more dirtbikin' (thats how you say it, no "g"). That turns me to mush too but for totally diffferent reasons (eeeeekkkkkk!)

He's really flipping good. Hope that's not prophetic, no flipping yet Mumma's not ready. He is quiet and so funny. Deliberate and excitable. I like that kid too.

Both children have had holidays and Grandma and Pa's (and Aunty Tan with Uncle Pete and Aunty Jen thrown in. We add extra rrrrrr's in Arrrrnty for Jen xx) and been totally spoilt, but in the awesome "my family adores my kids" way not the "eaten too much chocolate and now feral" way. 

One Such spoiling involved a trip to the local free Yogi Bear show. Gosh I laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed. Ash is so Dan. So very Dan. And Emelia, well she's all me. Poor child. At yogi bear... Em wanted to dance. So she danced. Wildly, uncoordinatedly and continuously. Embarrassed Ash like crazy which made me laugh all the more (I may or may not have whispered "go closer to Ash Em" :D)

Photos by Instagram for Iphone. Boost Juice by Grandma. Told you she's cool.

In other news, uni is awesome, love what I am learning and Dan is ever supportive. And Messy. But I'm grumpy so it evens out.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bit 'bout Miranda, bit 'bout me.

In the last few weeks I am afraid that I have been disappointed yet not surprised in the general Australian population.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom welcomed thier first baby publishing this photograph:

Sheesh, The comments on the bottom of the news story revolted me. Yuck men leering at her body and women declaring it was inappropriate and all about her. Inappropriate my arse. Breasts were made for that. It is the complete sexualisation of women in this nation that has turned something like that into something worth a snigger in a pub. Don't get me wrong, breasts can be rather attractive but that is second to what they were created to do. Breast feeding rates in this country are abysmal (and before you fire breastfeeding nazi at me I had one bottlefed and one breastfed so put away your claws) and if Miranda's photo means one more young women gives it a go, then all applause to her!

And the opinion that it made it all about her? Good on her. I had always thought that too quickly the" incubator" is forgotten all too fast after the birth of a child. Yes it is about welcoming a new life, it is also about welcoming a new MOTHER. A massive life changing day in day out accomplishment and deserving of a coo of thier own.

There's my opinion, take it as you will.

*and breathe*

We have a six year old and a school boy arrive in our house all within a fortnight!

A mighty handsome school boy might I add! He is doing so well and I am loving our new school. And also, cheers for me! Cause I'm a school mum now, new chapter. And I got him there on time. Yep I did. Now I just have to do it another 200 odd times this year. Eeek!

Oh, any cutie pie is chatting like a magpie now, yay!

B. xx

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Worth the trip.

I headed to uni yesterday, to get some advice. I was fortunate enough to meet with the Head of the nursing faculty, yay!

So here's the plan: I will apply for first pref Midwifery 2nd Nursing. It is very unlikey I would get in to Midwifery, there is only 45 places (eeek!) BUT if I do I can defer the place (because it is only available for full time study) then I can still take my second choice, and start nursing choosing common courses to assure credits.

If I don't get in (Likely) I can start Nursing, making sure I get high distinctions (um ok?!?!) so that I can reapply for midwifery in 2012, at which stage it should be offered for part time study.

So, Human Biosciences for Nursing and Midwifery, Foundations for Professional Practice and Advance Human Biosciences HERE I COME! YAY! '

Three subjects a year? Do-able.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kelle said so.

A happy moment from my faraway-have-never-met-friend Kelle Hampton: (You can check her out enjoying her small things----->>)

I am forgiving of myself and accept that life is messy, and sometimes being good enough means balancing a phone, a laundry basket, a baby, and a pot of overcooked sticky macaroni. But there is also something to be said about proclaiming resolutions--saying them out loud so we feel their importance. We'll rearrive, reclaim, and reaffirm it all months later. And that's okay too. But I think just by wanting to be more subtracts the "enough" from "good enough" and what you are left with is good. We are good moms and wives and daughters and friends because we recognize our faults, embrace our imperfections, create meaningful challenges and weave them all together in some brilliant tapestry of wanting to be better, to be more. That, in itself, makes us pretty damn good.

So I have a cubby on my loungeroom floor. And a dolly missing her tights. And a few remains of a half packed away teaset. And It can stay there. I tickled and laughed and rolled around on the floor and helped Dolly sit "just right" for her cup of tea. Answered a MILLION "Why?s" And oooooh it was delicious!

I like resolutions.

And  Damn cute new sunnies.

xx B.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year new me. Well a new bit of me.

We saw the new year in on Sydney harbour, a first for me. Kid free (thanks Grandma) and a fancy apartment (thanks Pete and Jen) so no horrid train trip home.

The fireworks were wonderful and the city surprisingly calm. There was a whole lot of drunk very young teens, my mind is still processing that. I don't get out much and was more than a little horrified at the apparent drinking culture of our nation's youth. Wow. Big one that. I was reminded by the extreme exhaustion of the following days that 3am bedtimes are in my past!

2011 for me has a number of goals. But they are all a blur thus far.

I know I need to get fitter and healthier. My heart problems of 2010 reminded me of that. AS well as the incident of not recognizing the woman holding my daughter in a photo. And the more pronounced creak when I sit on furniture these days! But I will work on that. And will reward myself with clothes instead of chocolate ;)

I also want to spend less time cleaning and tidying this house. I realise that although I can function better when its all tidy and clean, it seriously bugs the crap outta my family. And it steals my time, patience and energy because in a small old house with small children, its useless and short lived anyway. So I will clean less everyday. Most days. Ok sometimes. I'll try.

In my chat to Dan this evening watching a storm, I want to "mother" more than "maid" this year. And in my pondering came accross this quote:

"A mother's heart is a vast and glorious thing. My mother's heart was expansive, having been enlarged by suffering and years of clinging to Jesus while being misunderstood, dismissed, and judged by those she loved most. Me included. It had cost her to love, had cost her much to mother. It always does. But she would tell you that it's worth it, that there is no other way."
Stasi Eldredge (Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul)

I had plans for this year. And now I am entering 2011 feeling torn in two. We want to have a parent at home while our children are small. They are still small. And yet I have this burning desire to activate my mind and a passion to become a midwife. I am called to be a mum. But we just cant see how I can do it all. So placements come out in 17 sleeps. And I have no idea what to do with the results. How do I put my dream on hold and stay home and be mum, when I want to do each as equally as the other? Either way its going to require sacrifice. But I don't want my family to be the one to sacrifice. How do I teach my daughter she can be 'anything she wants', when I believe being a "Just a mum" (* no 'Just' about it!) is so phenomenally valued a role? It is all I want to be, yet only part of what I want to be. How do I explain that to myself let alone my children? See. confused. If you have figured it out can you let me know?

xx B.

Monday, December 27, 2010

So this is Christmas...

Boy am I buggered. I am realizing more and more as I do this parenting gig, how much my parents did that went unnoticed and unappreciated by me as a kid. Christmas + Holiday = damn hard work! But its worth it cause I love em. These guys that is:

Christmas for us was a week long affair as we celebrated with friends, church family and then headed west for family. It was cooking and decorating, shopping and wrapping, light looking and more cooking, with laughs thrown in. (And a few tears, but they were mainly mine!)

We leave the fat man in the suit out of our christmas, which I have been slammed for. Did you know I am destroying the magic of christmas for my children? Um no. Its still quite magical for us but thanks for the heads up! My favourite christmas memories make me smile as I type this, and I hope its not because they are fresh but because they are ingrained, cause they were good.

There was Eme and Ash delivering gifts to Maitland family support for "other kids" (oh melt me!) Carols and laughing til we couldn't breathe looking at lights with friends. And the two of them exchanging gifts for each other on christmas eve with kisses and hugs and "I love yous" (Dan and I grinning like freaks as we watched!) There was squeals of delight and massive "thankyou's" on Christmas morning. There was standing in church all together celebrating the reason for the Season. There was fun in the park, the forbidden "fizz fizz" drink as well as crazy cousin rumbles and giggles... and it was good.

Just quick cause we are in the midst of renovating (read: Beth's nightmare my home is in chaos)

and toilet training (eek!) all to be achieved before Friday when we head to Sydney to do New Year's harbour style. (Can't wait I miss my Mumma) Give me strength and patience.... and a bucket of warm water and disinfectant apparently!

Off to do Summer :)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

U2 Me2.

Its been a goooood week for me. Monday saw me waving to the kids and Dan and heading to U2. I travelled with my gorgeous friend and our two male chaperones ;)

Dan's response to me exclaiming "WANNA GO TO U2??!!" Was "meh" so I took that as 'I'm going and childcare is locked in'. Done and Done. Tickets were arranged through a friend and we began counting down.

Now I will admit I'm not a die hard camp out the 36 hours before kind of fan. I was more than happy with my seats in the nose bleeders, important word there... SEAT. I'm getting on you know. But I realise now why I was not previously a die hard fan, I hadn't had the live experience. Seriously. Those songs were written for the stadium. 85,000 singing elevation... argh goosebumps again.

Bono did not dissapoint! For a bloke 50ish, he is fit (and hot in an older man kinda way) and his voice is deeevine. I could listen to it all day.

As you have probably realised by my dribble, there is no real point to this post. Just that I was there. I rocked. and I loved every freaking minute of it! Oh my fav? Would have to have been Bono's sole voice ringing out Amazing Grace. Amazing.

The people watching was a feast for the eyes. All kinds of people all with their own stories. The Irish dude beside us with his flag waving and the lyrical Irish accent yelling at him from three rows back "stand tall brother be proud" during Sunday bloody Sunday. The lady behind me who nodded off.. (that is one expensive nap!) And the violently sunburnt lass with knee high uggs who had obviously been there all day. My skin peels just thinking of her. Oh and Oprah, I sensed she was there, she was about a km away though!

My holiday reading:

And although I look like some kind of boozer... I had to include this one; cause I was looking hot with my rock chick nails :)

xx B.