Monday, December 27, 2010

So this is Christmas...

Boy am I buggered. I am realizing more and more as I do this parenting gig, how much my parents did that went unnoticed and unappreciated by me as a kid. Christmas + Holiday = damn hard work! But its worth it cause I love em. These guys that is:

Christmas for us was a week long affair as we celebrated with friends, church family and then headed west for family. It was cooking and decorating, shopping and wrapping, light looking and more cooking, with laughs thrown in. (And a few tears, but they were mainly mine!)

We leave the fat man in the suit out of our christmas, which I have been slammed for. Did you know I am destroying the magic of christmas for my children? Um no. Its still quite magical for us but thanks for the heads up! My favourite christmas memories make me smile as I type this, and I hope its not because they are fresh but because they are ingrained, cause they were good.

There was Eme and Ash delivering gifts to Maitland family support for "other kids" (oh melt me!) Carols and laughing til we couldn't breathe looking at lights with friends. And the two of them exchanging gifts for each other on christmas eve with kisses and hugs and "I love yous" (Dan and I grinning like freaks as we watched!) There was squeals of delight and massive "thankyou's" on Christmas morning. There was standing in church all together celebrating the reason for the Season. There was fun in the park, the forbidden "fizz fizz" drink as well as crazy cousin rumbles and giggles... and it was good.

Just quick cause we are in the midst of renovating (read: Beth's nightmare my home is in chaos)

and toilet training (eek!) all to be achieved before Friday when we head to Sydney to do New Year's harbour style. (Can't wait I miss my Mumma) Give me strength and patience.... and a bucket of warm water and disinfectant apparently!

Off to do Summer :)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

U2 Me2.

Its been a goooood week for me. Monday saw me waving to the kids and Dan and heading to U2. I travelled with my gorgeous friend and our two male chaperones ;)

Dan's response to me exclaiming "WANNA GO TO U2??!!" Was "meh" so I took that as 'I'm going and childcare is locked in'. Done and Done. Tickets were arranged through a friend and we began counting down.

Now I will admit I'm not a die hard camp out the 36 hours before kind of fan. I was more than happy with my seats in the nose bleeders, important word there... SEAT. I'm getting on you know. But I realise now why I was not previously a die hard fan, I hadn't had the live experience. Seriously. Those songs were written for the stadium. 85,000 singing elevation... argh goosebumps again.

Bono did not dissapoint! For a bloke 50ish, he is fit (and hot in an older man kinda way) and his voice is deeevine. I could listen to it all day.

As you have probably realised by my dribble, there is no real point to this post. Just that I was there. I rocked. and I loved every freaking minute of it! Oh my fav? Would have to have been Bono's sole voice ringing out Amazing Grace. Amazing.

The people watching was a feast for the eyes. All kinds of people all with their own stories. The Irish dude beside us with his flag waving and the lyrical Irish accent yelling at him from three rows back "stand tall brother be proud" during Sunday bloody Sunday. The lady behind me who nodded off.. (that is one expensive nap!) And the violently sunburnt lass with knee high uggs who had obviously been there all day. My skin peels just thinking of her. Oh and Oprah, I sensed she was there, she was about a km away though!

My holiday reading:

And although I look like some kind of boozer... I had to include this one; cause I was looking hot with my rock chick nails :)

xx B.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tea party for..... me

We went to a party last week. By "we" I mean Emelia and I. And oh what a party!

There was glitter and crowns...

Pink tea and strawberries..

There were friends and smiles and swaying pretties...

And there was my girl. Oh my girl! And I was unashamedly reliving my childhood through my daughter. The party was Lily's. But I'm afraid for me it was all about Em. This was her first tea party and it was joyous.

I prayed for a daughter. I so wanted to experience both the worlds of motorbikes, mudpies, as well as dollies and tea parties. (Yep I gender stereotype my kids... so sue me!) Yes I prayed. And my prayers were answered. I still marvel at that fact. I know I shouldn't, I know I am a blessed daughter of the King and He wants to fulfill my desires. But this was big... and I. Am. Blessed.

I'm sorry for all the photos! Kinda......, actually I'm not!

Oh and Kudos to the beautiful Eck for the amaaaaaazing party. You're a special soul Ecki xx
 And happy birthday Lovely Lily, thank you for being a beautiful friend to my Eme - girl!

xx B.

Ps. Don't worry there will be a dirtbikin' sweaty post in the future too ;)

I saw him first.

You know what? I love my kids. I seriously. Love. Them. L.O.V.E.

But gosh they can be demanding!

Dan is working nights this weekend. Which means gone all night and sleeps all day (in this heat yuck! So I leave the house so he can sleep in the aircon - wife points, Check!) and has a one hour window in the afternoon where the children demand 50 million things of him. Then the cuddles and "bye Daddy's" and "love you Daddy's" start.

But I wanted a turn. They were pushing me away and "hey Dad! hey Dad! Hey DAAAAAD!" during my cuddle time. So I made them stand in the corner while I had my two minutes. Cause after 14 years together (99% of the time) I like him.

And besides... I saw him First.

Tehehehe! Babies I tells ya!

Friday, December 10, 2010

So.. I'm blogging.

So. Im Blogging. Its been an idea floating around in my head for year or so now, so I've jumped, and now I have a brain ache! I try to keep up to date, truly I do. But heck... this has taken me a week. My kids will very quickly overtake my computing ability.. I can feel it in my (aging) bones. But I'm distracted again...

I'm not sure who this blog is for. You, the reader. Or me, the blogger. I suspect more for me and hence you, the reader, more than likely will find yourself bored and drifting away sooner rather and later. But the Grandparents will stick because I promise photos of the babies :)

I vow my blog to be a positive place, Where I find the divine in the drudgery and suck the beauty from this world. Remind me of that won't you? My life, Welcome.

B. x

Oh, and my inspiration: I'm not worthy!