Monday, December 27, 2010

So this is Christmas...

Boy am I buggered. I am realizing more and more as I do this parenting gig, how much my parents did that went unnoticed and unappreciated by me as a kid. Christmas + Holiday = damn hard work! But its worth it cause I love em. These guys that is:

Christmas for us was a week long affair as we celebrated with friends, church family and then headed west for family. It was cooking and decorating, shopping and wrapping, light looking and more cooking, with laughs thrown in. (And a few tears, but they were mainly mine!)

We leave the fat man in the suit out of our christmas, which I have been slammed for. Did you know I am destroying the magic of christmas for my children? Um no. Its still quite magical for us but thanks for the heads up! My favourite christmas memories make me smile as I type this, and I hope its not because they are fresh but because they are ingrained, cause they were good.

There was Eme and Ash delivering gifts to Maitland family support for "other kids" (oh melt me!) Carols and laughing til we couldn't breathe looking at lights with friends. And the two of them exchanging gifts for each other on christmas eve with kisses and hugs and "I love yous" (Dan and I grinning like freaks as we watched!) There was squeals of delight and massive "thankyou's" on Christmas morning. There was standing in church all together celebrating the reason for the Season. There was fun in the park, the forbidden "fizz fizz" drink as well as crazy cousin rumbles and giggles... and it was good.

Just quick cause we are in the midst of renovating (read: Beth's nightmare my home is in chaos)

and toilet training (eek!) all to be achieved before Friday when we head to Sydney to do New Year's harbour style. (Can't wait I miss my Mumma) Give me strength and patience.... and a bucket of warm water and disinfectant apparently!

Off to do Summer :)


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