Friday, December 10, 2010

So.. I'm blogging.

So. Im Blogging. Its been an idea floating around in my head for year or so now, so I've jumped, and now I have a brain ache! I try to keep up to date, truly I do. But heck... this has taken me a week. My kids will very quickly overtake my computing ability.. I can feel it in my (aging) bones. But I'm distracted again...

I'm not sure who this blog is for. You, the reader. Or me, the blogger. I suspect more for me and hence you, the reader, more than likely will find yourself bored and drifting away sooner rather and later. But the Grandparents will stick because I promise photos of the babies :)

I vow my blog to be a positive place, Where I find the divine in the drudgery and suck the beauty from this world. Remind me of that won't you? My life, Welcome.

B. x

Oh, and my inspiration: I'm not worthy!


  1. yay! I'll be your first follower! come follow me too! xxx

  2. Ooh, I love reading blogs and I've just added yours to my list lovely!

    ps. Enjoying The Small Things is my all time favourite read! <3

  3. You're in my google reader! love you Sis

  4. Hey Sister (soul sister, gotta get that soul... ah actually never mind about that song)

    This blog looks like fun, love the header pics. Mille is the cutest thing on the planet.