Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tea party for..... me

We went to a party last week. By "we" I mean Emelia and I. And oh what a party!

There was glitter and crowns...

Pink tea and strawberries..

There were friends and smiles and swaying pretties...

And there was my girl. Oh my girl! And I was unashamedly reliving my childhood through my daughter. The party was Lily's. But I'm afraid for me it was all about Em. This was her first tea party and it was joyous.

I prayed for a daughter. I so wanted to experience both the worlds of motorbikes, mudpies, as well as dollies and tea parties. (Yep I gender stereotype my kids... so sue me!) Yes I prayed. And my prayers were answered. I still marvel at that fact. I know I shouldn't, I know I am a blessed daughter of the King and He wants to fulfill my desires. But this was big... and I. Am. Blessed.

I'm sorry for all the photos! Kinda......, actually I'm not!

Oh and Kudos to the beautiful Eck for the amaaaaaazing party. You're a special soul Ecki xx
 And happy birthday Lovely Lily, thank you for being a beautiful friend to my Eme - girl!

xx B.

Ps. Don't worry there will be a dirtbikin' sweaty post in the future too ;)

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