Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bit 'bout Miranda, bit 'bout me.

In the last few weeks I am afraid that I have been disappointed yet not surprised in the general Australian population.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom welcomed thier first baby publishing this photograph:

Sheesh, The comments on the bottom of the news story revolted me. Yuck men leering at her body and women declaring it was inappropriate and all about her. Inappropriate my arse. Breasts were made for that. It is the complete sexualisation of women in this nation that has turned something like that into something worth a snigger in a pub. Don't get me wrong, breasts can be rather attractive but that is second to what they were created to do. Breast feeding rates in this country are abysmal (and before you fire breastfeeding nazi at me I had one bottlefed and one breastfed so put away your claws) and if Miranda's photo means one more young women gives it a go, then all applause to her!

And the opinion that it made it all about her? Good on her. I had always thought that too quickly the" incubator" is forgotten all too fast after the birth of a child. Yes it is about welcoming a new life, it is also about welcoming a new MOTHER. A massive life changing day in day out accomplishment and deserving of a coo of thier own.

There's my opinion, take it as you will.

*and breathe*

We have a six year old and a school boy arrive in our house all within a fortnight!

A mighty handsome school boy might I add! He is doing so well and I am loving our new school. And also, cheers for me! Cause I'm a school mum now, new chapter. And I got him there on time. Yep I did. Now I just have to do it another 200 odd times this year. Eeek!

Oh, any cutie pie is chatting like a magpie now, yay!

B. xx

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