Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kelle said so.

A happy moment from my faraway-have-never-met-friend Kelle Hampton: (You can check her out enjoying her small things----->>)

I am forgiving of myself and accept that life is messy, and sometimes being good enough means balancing a phone, a laundry basket, a baby, and a pot of overcooked sticky macaroni. But there is also something to be said about proclaiming resolutions--saying them out loud so we feel their importance. We'll rearrive, reclaim, and reaffirm it all months later. And that's okay too. But I think just by wanting to be more subtracts the "enough" from "good enough" and what you are left with is good. We are good moms and wives and daughters and friends because we recognize our faults, embrace our imperfections, create meaningful challenges and weave them all together in some brilliant tapestry of wanting to be better, to be more. That, in itself, makes us pretty damn good.

So I have a cubby on my loungeroom floor. And a dolly missing her tights. And a few remains of a half packed away teaset. And It can stay there. I tickled and laughed and rolled around on the floor and helped Dolly sit "just right" for her cup of tea. Answered a MILLION "Why?s" And oooooh it was delicious!

I like resolutions.

And  Damn cute new sunnies.

xx B.

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