Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Worth the trip.

I headed to uni yesterday, to get some advice. I was fortunate enough to meet with the Head of the nursing faculty, yay!

So here's the plan: I will apply for first pref Midwifery 2nd Nursing. It is very unlikey I would get in to Midwifery, there is only 45 places (eeek!) BUT if I do I can defer the place (because it is only available for full time study) then I can still take my second choice, and start nursing choosing common courses to assure credits.

If I don't get in (Likely) I can start Nursing, making sure I get high distinctions (um ok?!?!) so that I can reapply for midwifery in 2012, at which stage it should be offered for part time study.

So, Human Biosciences for Nursing and Midwifery, Foundations for Professional Practice and Advance Human Biosciences HERE I COME! YAY! '

Three subjects a year? Do-able.


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