Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Autumn holiday

"Arrrghhh I said in a minute"!! That was me tonight. Poo bum grumpy mum. Time for some centre. So I looked through this season's photos... and shall now subject you to far too many. Sorry, but you were warned.

I've got to say. I'm loving the school holidays. Once upon a time I was so very eager for school to start, and I love that he loves it but gosh.... home is nice. 8.30am wakeups? Check. No school lunches? Check. Lost the iron? Check. Bedtime whenever? Check.

School has brought so many changes to our family. Ash has found his feet in Kindergarten and the gap at home has been well and truly filled by Emelia. She has absolutely blossomed the last two months, definitely more "nearly three" than "two".

The speach therapist I was considering? That worry has been left for dead by a chatterer that learns another 50 days I swear. It seems one big brother was speaking for her waay more than I had observed. (Speaking of 'swear' Emelia pipes up with "shut up bird" at the Kookoburra the other day. Thing is "shut up" is so cute when squawked in an angel voice! Its ok I didn't let her see me laugh and explained of it's inappropriateness I promise:)

She has found a new joy in her toys as she creates games, sets up scenarios and "matches" things. (Love that she organises...... LOVE it)

*side note: I swear Barbies were way less creepy looking when I was a kid??

She is completely girly, completely wild, completely adorable and as fun as she looks. I like that kid.

And Ash? Well this: photo of him gives me shivers cause I can totally see the 15 year old version.

He loves school, his teacher knows EVERYTHING (fancy that?) And his main goal of learning to read is well and truly underway. Resulting in post dinner and bath scenes like this...

Turns me to mush. School holidays have also meant a whole lot more dirtbikin' (thats how you say it, no "g"). That turns me to mush too but for totally diffferent reasons (eeeeekkkkkk!)

He's really flipping good. Hope that's not prophetic, no flipping yet Mumma's not ready. He is quiet and so funny. Deliberate and excitable. I like that kid too.

Both children have had holidays and Grandma and Pa's (and Aunty Tan with Uncle Pete and Aunty Jen thrown in. We add extra rrrrrr's in Arrrrnty for Jen xx) and been totally spoilt, but in the awesome "my family adores my kids" way not the "eaten too much chocolate and now feral" way. 

One Such spoiling involved a trip to the local free Yogi Bear show. Gosh I laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed. Ash is so Dan. So very Dan. And Emelia, well she's all me. Poor child. At yogi bear... Em wanted to dance. So she danced. Wildly, uncoordinatedly and continuously. Embarrassed Ash like crazy which made me laugh all the more (I may or may not have whispered "go closer to Ash Em" :D)

Photos by Instagram for Iphone. Boost Juice by Grandma. Told you she's cool.

In other news, uni is awesome, love what I am learning and Dan is ever supportive. And Messy. But I'm grumpy so it evens out.



  1. Gorgeous Beth, such beautiful and creative children. Hope you find time to be creative yourself!

  2. you have very cute kiddies, my friend! xxx